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So many beautiful people in Sweden. More pics to come…

Happy Eating Pancakes on International Womens Day…

Today was a good day. It was a day that I can celebrate womankind, despite our flaws. And I did so by ramming my mouth full of pancakes. What a happy coincidence 🙂

It being International Womens Day made me think of all the inspiring women in my life and the world around me. Although there are women out there who make it their mission to ensure that no other is as successful as them, there continues to be many who wish women to rise up and not be second class citizens.

Some of the women that inspire me are:

Rachel from Glee

So driven, so odd, so weird, super talented… which bares a slightly worrying similarity to myself.  Although Rachel is a fictitious character, there is truth in that she represents a woman in need of exhibiting her talents. She is a woman on a mission that cannot be stopped. Not even by her boyfriend Huckleberry Corny McFinn.

Tyra Banks

Smizing is her trademark, as well as being fierce. Miss tyra didn’t stop at modelling, she used it to create an avenue to make a name for herself on ANTM and eventually The Tyra Banks Show. And who says pretty girls are dumb!

The Gal Dem!

My friends inspire me. They are Super talented and not waste girls on road. Yes they can be daft and crazy, but they make life a very fun rollercoaster ride. But above all they don’t take shit from guys. That in itself is the key to a successful woman.

My Mummy

She is so strong, passionate and a bit crazy. Yes that is where I got that trait from. She never gives up even through adversity. This is what I love about her. Okay enough of that soppy malarkey.

There are many more inspirational women out there. Actually the list is too long to blog, which is great! I just hope that even in the smallest way I have inspired another woman to be a better form of herself.



9.01.2011 Jaegarbombs – Sake Toasts – Bento Box- Just Dance on the Wii


Welcome to the reformed Developed Society blog which is now known as DEVELOPED SOCIETY 2.0, previously Not only has it got that fancy numbers at the end BUT it will now feature a lot more interesting content… not that the previous blog was crap, but this will be more ‘developed’! DEVELOPED SOCIETY 2.0 will not just have one angle but I aim to first entertain you all and secondly improve my writing since one day I hope to be a novelist. So DEVELOPED SOCIETY 2.0 will have elements of Fashion (of which I have that good ol’ passion for), Literature (possibly in the form of a book club one day), Music (of which I have a love/hate relationships with), TV/ Film (which I will have a career in when someone eventually hires me!), also loads more Lifestyle topics and heaps of random topics. Hope you enjoy reading this and you tell plenty of friends and enemies about Developed Society 2.0, and I’ll try my best to update it as regular as I can. This post was brought to you from the pier at Canary wharf on a random sunny day in late September. You gotta love London!!

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