StyleWise: Has Shearling been Overdosed?

Ever since the preview of Burberry’s AW collection the high street,  press have prescribed the nation with intoxicating amounts of sheepskin, from purses to outwear to shoes. Shearling is latest trend that will not be bypassed by anyone. Even those doing their weekly grocery shop at Tesco will encounter their shearling lace-up wedge boots. And at only £20 a pop Tesco will be cashing in on fashion ‘Cash Sheep.’

Shearling is a trend I incorporated into my wardrobe within the last two years. Firstly with a Black shearling aviator jacket from H&M, now in one of my four charity giveaway bags as I got my value for money at only £29.99. The other being a pair of Dr Marten Serena boots, which adore so much so that they are on my feet at this moment in time. Nonetheless I have this disturbing premonition that the high street is massacring shearling the same way the farmers skinned the sheep… in the masses and with care!

I thought heavy duty shearling jackets would still be a vintage favourite that can be purchased only from the most sought after ‘second time around’ boutiques. But the arrow on the trend cycle informed us it was now time for shearling to be at the forefront this autumn/ winter. The popularity in vintage and worn looks made it inevitable that this convenient vintage style will be the cash cow the high street will be shearing throughout the big chill.

With peace and joy,


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