Backstage at Milan’s mens shows Spring Summer 2012 by Julian Schratter… (via With Love)

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Backstage at Milan's mens shows Spring Summer 2012 by Julian Schratter... Through Jules’ Lens: Julian Schratter takes us back stage during the Milan’s menswear Spring Summer 2012 shows; capturing models and the beautiful faces of the people who makes it.¬† For me, what I love along side glamorized and glossy images of the beautiful are the snap shots that captures the day-to-day routines of them.¬† Somehow it proves that they are juts people too! (If that makes any sense?)¬† Great polaroids and portraits!! Images by Julia ‚Ķ Read More

via With Love


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So many beautiful people in Sweden. More pics to come…


As we know with every film awards ceremony and high profile film festivals comes the winning outfit. And this year Rachel McAdams brought it to the table. If this is an effort to¬†increase¬†strength¬†in your career and public profile, well done girl, you’ve got it right.

The red lace ensemble is my favourite of course!


Just finished watching Coco before Chanel. My expectations of the film completely is the opposite of my experience of the film. I was hooked from the very first scene when Poor Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel (Audrey Tautou) and sister Adrienne (Marie Gillain) was dropped off at the orphanage by their father, never to see his face again. It was at that point I suspected this is a tear-jerker. This film subtly incorporates fashion into the subtext of the story, I know you say’ obviously!’ But on the surface it was much more than that. It was a tale about setting yourself apart from the rest. Coco Chanel was not born to a rich French aristocrat family, so access to money and opportunity was rare. Also in France in that period what was even more rare was to see a woman working, let alone having a career. Essentially this a rags to riches story. But her success came at a cost, and that being love.

As the film progresses so does her sense of style. When I saw her tailored menswear inspired outfits I realised that me and Madamoiselle Chanel are even more a like than I first thought. Her style is so chic and elegant, without those frivolities that are supposed to enhance femininity. And no it is not the tomboy look, in fact her loose fitting outfits without the framing of a corset essentially symbolises freedom and stepping away from societal conventions.

The stylish apparel in this film is not the only imagery to celebrate. The cinematography stays true to the style of the film and to Chanel. The clean soft lighting adds a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’; No actually I mean grace to Coco Before Chanel. What makes me more¬†proud¬†of Coco Before Chanel is that it was written and directed by Anne Fontaine. She shows that given the topic of fashion to delve with, women don’t always get carried away, and yes that means you Sex and the City. She brought out the drama in this tale that is so much bigger than fashion.

DS RATED: 8/10

Here are some of my favourite looks from the film. Not that there were many. But it only goes to prove that true taste is priceless and is an innate quality that a few hold.

Coco Before Chanel
Production Year: 2009
Countries: France, Rest of the World
Cert (UK): 12A
Runtime: 105 mins
Director: Anne Fontaine

StyleWise: H! by Henry Holland SS11

These are a few images from the Spring/Summer Look Book¬†of Henry¬†Holland’s¬†new range H! It is described as playful, fun and flirty; but with all that Lace and¬†floral¬†I feel liked I have stepped back into 2010. Maybe he is just trying to take his designs to a wider audience, which is great for him. But apart from a few pieces it looks like I walked in to the Divided section of H&M.

All i’m¬†saying¬†is the price point better reflect the uniqueness (or in this case the lack of) of the collection.

Check out the rest of the Look Book here

DS INSPIRED: ‘Hello Yellow, I have that Spring Summer feeling’

Blush it out!

Busy bee-ing a Leopard

I want to ride my bicycle

Crystal Renn daisy chained

Orange stained lips

Minaj embracing her hippy roots…

StyleWise: Rucksacks are now stylish… Hooray!

It is proven the Rucksack is an essential fashion must have. Apart from embodying the¬†nomadic hiking¬†and¬†festival¬†trends seen this season, they leave your hands free to tuck in your pocket throughout the winter! For those on-trend Fashionistas out there, we haven’t got the Eastpak or ‘Just Do it’ Nike types in mind. Instead picture soft shearling, sturdy leather, chic nylon and even¬†luxurious¬†velvet. The rucksack is great combined with slim fit chinos,¬†stiletto¬†hiking boots, plaid shirts and leather jackets.


Mary-Kate Olsen incorporating the rucksack to her look. An absolute StyleWise Outfit!

StyleWise: Has Shearling been Overdosed?

Ever since the preview of Burberry’s AW collection the high street, ¬†press have prescribed the nation with intoxicating amounts of sheepskin, from purses to outwear to shoes. Shearling is latest trend that will not be bypassed by anyone. Even those doing their weekly grocery shop at Tesco will encounter their shearling lace-up wedge boots. And at only ¬£20 a pop Tesco will be cashing in on fashion ‘Cash Sheep.’

Shearling is a trend I incorporated into my wardrobe within the last two years. Firstly with a Black shearling aviator jacket from H&M, now in one of my four charity giveaway bags as I got my value for money at only ¬£29.99. The other being a pair of Dr Marten Serena boots, which adore so much so that they are on my feet at this moment in time. Nonetheless I have this disturbing premonition that the high street is massacring shearling the same way the farmers skinned the sheep… in the masses and with care!

I thought heavy duty shearling jackets would still be a vintage favourite that can be purchased only from the most sought after ‘second time around’ boutiques. But the arrow on the trend cycle informed us it was now time for shearling to be at the forefront this autumn/ winter. The popularity in vintage and worn looks made it inevitable that this convenient vintage style will be the cash cow the high street will be shearing throughout the big chill.

With peace and joy,


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