Will and Jada Please Adopt Me!

I am almost certain that I have never laid my eyes on a family that project perfection. The empire built by Will Smith can be described as an indestructible force of showbiz. Is it possible for a family to all have amazing looks, extreme talent and I say extreme, especially as the youngest member is being thrust into the limelight at just age 9. Yes 9! They are all so driven and the kids are all so cute and well mannered.

That is it, I’m going to build my own indestructible family like the Smiths. Mine will sing, dance, act and maybe i’ll throw in a scientist and president while I’m at it. And one ingredient that will not go a miss is good looks.

Never mind how cool Will and Jada are, the kids are uber cool and ‘on the money’ as Simon Cowell would say. Sporting Mohawk’s, being the lead in their own films, having a hit song, even before you are a teen is exactly what every kid dreams for. And I love them even more because they are not the typical black all american family, corny! Jada Pinkett-Smith’s rocking roots have seen this family have an edge on their counterparts and I will even go so far to say they are cooler than the Cosby’s. Ok, I know they are a fictional family but they didn’t have any kids that could whip their hair.

I salute you the Smith’s and envy you a little.

Embedding not working for Willow’s Whip my hair video, so click here.

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