RESOLUTIONS: Experimenting in the… KITCHEN!

Five days into the new year I already have my New Years Resolutions penned, although not wholeheartedly practising them. Especially the not eating McDonald’s one, since I succumbed to a double cheeseburger last night out of sheer boredom. One resolution that didn’t come to mind until getting belittled by a colleague for eating a M&S microwavable pasta meal at lunch was that I should invest more time in conjuring up delectable dishes.

I have always loved food, as you do, and cooking; and I have often boasted of my Michelin star culinary skills. But still there was certainly a lack of  meals cooked in 2010 that didn’t include penne, pesto and sausages. Then, I offered my services to help cook christmas dinner and the outcome proved to have re-lit the flame that extinguished, whilst spending time in the kitchen and pouring love into my meals; the love being the melted butter poured over the potatoes before roasting.

This is not to provoke the notion that I am planning to become a Stepford housewife, but instead the image of me escalating towards being that Michelin star chef and being selfless by letting others enjoy the fruits of my labour. So what better way to start with than one of my favourite breakfast treats that Ikea first introduced to me, and that I devoured whilst retreating to Sweden. Cinnamon rolls. Hot or Cold, for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, you can’t go wrong with Cinnamon rolls. So I’m planning on attempting my own at some point this week, and I shall get back to you with the results, good or bad! In the meantime if you want to join in here’s a how to video!

Lastly, don’t forget to team it with porridge and a cold glass of Mango juice, of course!

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