SOUNDBITES: Azealia Banks x Rankin // LIQUORICE

TALK ABOUT THROWBACK! Liquorice is a true reflection of 1991, which is also conveniently the name of her debut EP. The synthesised beat fused with her monotonic accelerated rhymes makes this a hit that will last the ages. If you didn’t know by now that Rankin is not only doing magazines, editorial, photography, but he has worked on a numerous amounts of music artist’s video, like Kelis’s ‘4th of July’.  And now he has worked his magic on Azealia’s Liquorice track. With a western theme, he brought editorial to the shoot. It was about bold colours, subtle tones, heights, poses. It was fun. It made me want to be there, galloping on a horse into the sunset. Azealia is working it. She is gorgeous and looks in her element.



Another fashion editorial style video I loooove is Ciara’s Ft. Missy Elliot ‘Work’. Not only is Ciara a phenomenal dancer, which we see again in this video, but she is fully capable of holding her own in the top model stakes. She works the camera, she is strong but feminine, which is what the track is about anyway. It’s official construction is sexy.




Thought to bring you some throwback in this SoundBite. I sooo wish I was a teen in the 80s/ early 90s. Would have experienced real funky house parties, creative motion on the dance floor and free higher education! Instead I was busy being a toddler, fighting with my bro’s and cousins, and being dressed up matching in sailor outfits by our parents. Even at that itty bitty age I was still moved by the House beats, catching glimpses of the sound on the radio and on MTV. Even remember bobbing my head along to Crystal Water’s Gypsy Woman on family trips to Chessington World of Adventures and the local Sainsbury’s.

Enjoy these Hercules and Love affair videos I stumbled across.


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