LitREV: Ellis Island… Captivating Irish tale!

Ellis Island is a TV Book Club recommendation that centres on the life of Ellie, a young Irish girl, in which her life is full of longing for love and a sense of belonging. Set in 1920’s rural Ireland, Ellie was raised in a semi-affluent devout catholic household. The story evolves from her feeling a sense of belonging in her catholic school, which she even makes the decision to join the nunnery, but does a complete U-turn and instead starts a home with her childhood love John Hogan. Although they have their unfaltering love for each other, Ellie does not have the support of her parents. And life during the civil war, in which John is wholeheartedly proactive in participating in, leaves them struggling to stay above the poverty line. But the intrigue comes from Ellie’s decision to move to Ellis Island – New York when a tragic incident involving John changes their lives.On a mission to provide for her loved one at home Ellie’s life in the states is set far-apart from her struggling life in Ireland. Her transformation from maid to a sought after typist is infused with lust, discovery and doubt.

Although the heart of the story is supposed to exhibit the lavishness of New York and the Luxuries like electricity, fashion, cars it has to offer, it was slightly not as hearty and intriguing as her previous life in Ireland. Possibly, because I live in an age where the extravagance that Ellie is amazed by is too familiar already. Another plot that found my captivation wavering was the new love interest. I was already drawn in by the intense love that Ellie and John withhold for each other, that I wouldn’t even expect Ellie to doubt this.

The outcome of the plot seemed a bit vague, but the ending revealed the meaning underneath it all. A woman’s struggle of empowerment, and fulfilling life with more than just baking, cleaning and lovemaking her way through it.

An insightful read that I would recommend, despite the filler in the middle that didn’t add much to the intriguing plot.

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