Yet again the posts are coming in slow, but nevertheless still coming. Whilst browsing on the Rankin’s Hunger TV I came across a short that was so poignant and also significant of this Paralympic period we are in. So I had no choice but to write this post because it struck a chord with me strong that I had to share. Whilst being away from this blog I’ve been a busy bee producing videos about various events put on by the Mayor of London peeps, and I had the rare opportunity to enjoy from City Hall performances by a variety of ‘disabled’ artists. The quotations are because I believe it’s fair to say that people labelled this way are fully capable of doing many spectacular things that anybody else can do, especially with an impairment. On the night we had blues, classical, folk, Indian musicians grace us with their amazing talent. They showed us that creativity cannot be stopped by a disability. In the moment of experiencing their exceptional talents and hearing their stories I was inspired with idea for a script/film idea that I felt would be a good opportunity to show that there isn’t a need for separation. Talent is talent. End of! But then I came across this short film, Big Mouth, that does encapsulates the message I wanted to evoke in my potential film. That’s not to say I have given up on the idea.

Big Mouth was released in 2010 and was made in partnership with Collabor8te, another one of Rankin’s ventures. Collabor8te works with and supports new talent in getting their films made and also distributed beyond the festival circuit. Director Henry Darke was one of the lucky ones chosen for this opportunity and you can see his full interview here to find out more about his experience and the process he went through.

So Big Mouth is a coming of age tale about two deaf brothers with dissimilar personalities that have learnt to deal with their impairment in contrasting ways. It’s very rural, working class and emotional. I found myself willing for the brother that had lost touch with society to make sure that he got heard. It is a story that will not only resonate with people that have hearing impairments, but anyone that feels lost amongst others.

Full film is below. Tell me what you think. 


So this Thursday is the next instalment of Cannes in a Van monthly night Screen Social at the super cool venue The Book Club in  Shoreditch. Screen Social host a mash-up of Music and Film with an array of visual and sonic artists being part of this entertaining night.

On the night there will be live music from one of Liverpool’s hottests new bands, All We Are….


An enchanting performance from broken beats electronica artist ATLAS


And of course there will be short films and music videos screened from the leading production house Partizan and creative design studio Studio Moross, and just a whole lot of creative fun to wake up your senses.

For more information go to

AND… If you want to submit your short film and music video just go down with the Vimeo or Youtube link to the video. Easy as that. Gain exposure for your work with no submission fees to pay. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Click here to register for £2 tickets on the door.

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