Midnight Madness with Mr Oliver

The concealed excitement towards meeting this famous TV chef and having a lovely chat with him about the forth coming production of his wedding to be was far too surreal. In fact it was not only surreal, it was unreal. As I was awakened by my mother moments later only to realise it was another one of my intensely vivid dreams about the most random scenarios that is so far from my daily reality.

This particular one was the casual meeting between TV Chef Jamie Oliver and I. From the pieces of the dream I compiled together seconds after mum’s wake up call I do know we were having a chat about his recent engagement. Although, I don’t remember if it was to a new lady or his current wife Jools. But anyway, not to bore you with all the details as I usually do when telling friends about dreams I had that they really are not compelled or enthrawled by as much as me. I can’t place the location of the dream but I do know it was possibly in front of a stove. What I can say is his marriage was going to be aired on TV, but in some weird cooking scenario countdown thing.

So why was I excited in my dream? Well because unbeknown to many I have a slight crush on Jamie Oliver, and also in this dream he promised I could work on the production of his forthcoming union.  Which was double wammy!

After reflecting on my dream it is clear how this dream was formed in my mind in the midst of the night. So before I went to bed the last thing I watched was a Sainsbury’s advert featuring Jamie Oliver in a village talking about preparing for Christmas dinner or something along those line. And the wedding/engagement aspect as you have probably concluded was from all the commotion/ jubilation surrounding the engagent of his majesty Prince Wills and his chick Kate Middleton!

So there you go a fusion of random occurances made enthralling mind entertainment for me in the midst of my sleep. And people say advertising doesn’t work.

Okay, that’s enough of boring you with the details of my dream.

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