SoundBites: Oh What A Shame, Is It A New Bromance Ahead?

Through much anticipation by a chunk of Take That obsessives, the original five members of one of the UK’s largest boy bands, if not the largest have reunited. Gladly it is only for one album then Robbie is going to bugger off again. Yay, I prefer the foursome this time round. And to add more salt to the pan, the tension between the two feuding culprits Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams has now dissolved into a Bromance. Or so they would like us to think, by nationally declaring their re-acquaintance in the video for their duet Shame.

The term Bromance was made famous through The Hill’s Brody Jenner’s own reality TV show aptly named Bromance, in which he was on the hunt to find a new best friend… or stalker. And subsequently the media have exploited this term to emphasise the close bond between male companions that is of course purely plutonic.

However, in the Shame video I am confused as to whether Bromance was what they were trying to exhibit or to re-create Oscar winning movie Brokeback Mountain. Unluckily the seductive glances towards each other in a western style setting failed to shock audiences in to making the single a number 1 hit in the charts this week, and were instead vanquished by Gnarls Barkley’s new single Forget You.

Although I was not fazed by the awkward video, I was dazed by how Gary and Robbie had turned into a pair of middle aged hotties. No wonder they were taking back by each other’s change over the years. Never really having a crush on either this was a weird feeling that came over me. The greying hair, the unkempt facial hair, the maturity was enticing me to continue to watch this ridiculous Brokeback Mountain reproduction.

Well let’s just see how long their bromance will last for and for now here is Shame.

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