Thought I’d share with you some of the content my team make. MTV and Swatch have joint forces to produced content inspired by creativity and culture across the globe. Here is a vignette they have made that demonstrates how hip hop dance culture can travel to places around the globe that you might not expect it to be prevalent.

So Jerk is not only a term you refer to you’re ex as, or that thing that boys do (i’m so innocent), but it is also a dance form that can be seen performed by many street and hip hop influenced dancers.

The Urban Dictionary definition is :

Clearly written by a dance crew member from southern Cali, but I guess it is quite accurate. Although my first encounter of the Jerk dance was from this video below. Despite the young southern/Soulja Boy-esk hip hop vibe it was catchy and put the fun back in Hip Hop… BACK IN 2009!


But these kids of Switzerland… Yes SWITZERLAND… have kept this street dance form alive. Now why can’t the youth of Britain be as cute and creative as these kids? Just kidding… it is not fair to label all British youngster as looters…just 50%.

Anyway just check them out as their moves speaks volumes.


Go to SWATCHMTVPLAYGROUND to see what other cool people they’ve captured.

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