ON MY TELLY // October Round Up

This week has been catch up week. On TV that is! Yes I have been using this precious free time I have at the moment to watch a lot of trash TV, good comebacks and Vlogs. I’m officially obsessed with Vlogs. It’s so addictive, especially people with great personalities that don’t just do make-up tutorials and OOTD’s. For you non-fashion blog/vlog types OOTD is Outfit of the Day. And for people that are clearly don’t own a computer a Vlog is a video log or a video diary as us 90’s kids may say. I myself was, or still am considering starting a vlog, but as you can see from this blog I’m not consistant with updates. So instead I have channelled my recent vlog love into a script i’m writing. At the moment my favourite vlogger is BritPopPrincess. She tells you everything and makes you feel like your just one of her friends. Vlogs can be weird, but nevertheless entertaining.

So TV shows I have been most excited about are season 2 of Homeland on Channel 4, Girlfri3nds on ITV 2 and Fresh Meat, again on Channel 4. Homeland returned with a small bang. Was so excited to see Damian Lewis on my screen again. For those that have been in a hole and have missed out on season one Homeland is about Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody returning home eight years after going missing in Iraq. Carrie Mathison, a driven CIA officer, suspects he might be plotting an attack on America. That was a direct quote taken from IMDB and sums it up better than I was going to.  The first episode of Season two was…underwhelming. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but it was clear that the only suspense in the episode came from one scene, where we see Brody (Lewis) rummaging around an office for a document with potential threat locations whilst the guy (someone important, don’t remember who) was getting coffee. It was quite intense. But apart from setting up the rest of the season nothing much was going on. I do have to say i’m sad to see that Brody’s daughter is back in this season. I really loathe her character, or maybe the way the character is executed by the actress. It’s on the same level I disliked Abby from Eastenders, and that was a lot. Below is the US season two trailer, which I love, although Channel 4’s is good too.

I don’t know what has happened to me but I’m really into dating shows, even when they’re pants! Well apart from the UK version of the Bachelor. That was abysmal.  It’s probably because I’m vicariously dating through these shows. Out of all the dating shows I’ve watched lately Girlfri3nds is top notch compared to the others. It’s every girls dream. The chance to pick 6 men to go on a date with out of 100 is amazing. Having said that 90% of the guys were dodge. There were a lot of crazies and a few hotties. Next week the girls have to spend 12 hours with their second date choice. It’ll be interesting to see which guy’s will stand the test of time. I have a clip of the promo below courtesy of Youtooob.

I don’t have much to say about Fresh Meat. It was funny in some places, but felt a bit too contrived. The characters are really playing up to their stereotypes a level higher than last season, which is not a great sign. They were already conforming to so many misguided ideologies about students. So I guess it isn’t one of my favourites. Not sure it will last beyond season two.

Okay this post is turning into a ramble, but I have to get in all the stuff I have been watching online, because that is my first port of call to watch shows. It was an exciting week for me. There is new New Girl online, new Gossip Girl, new 90210. Gossip and 90210 both never failed to deliver unrealistic Sunset Beach-esque story lines.  It’s the last season of Gossip Girl and although it is probably the right time I’m a little sad to see it go. The schemes, the love octagons, the bitchiness is a recipe for cringe worthy, addictive TV. As for 90210 i’m just waiting for Olympian Ryan Lotche’s cameo. He is the perfect face for surfing on that LA beach. Below is the promo for 90210.

So my favourite show of the week has to be….. “Hey girl… What you doing?…Hey girl.. where you going…” Yes New Girl. I’m just laughing now as I think back to the episode. I literally nearly peed my pants watching it. Season two is definitely Laugh.Out.Loud funny. Season two starts off with Jess losing her job and dealing with it in a way that is typical crazy Jess. Schmidt has gotten funnier. Yes I didn’t think it was possible, but he has! Same goes for Winston. I wish it was hour long episodes, because it feels like 15mins when watching, because you are laughing every second. I believe the writers can sustain the humour for an hour. Season two promo is below.

So that’s my TV round up. I could go on longer but you guys will probably stop reading. I have also been catching up on KUWTK (AKA Kim and Family), started watching Mad Men recently, which I like but I don’t know if I can get through all seasons in a month or two. It’ll probably take a year or two. I tried to watch Glee season 3, but after watching the first episode I think I’m officially a Glee retiree. I have also watched a few films, namely Killing them Softly and Two Days in New York, but I might do reviews in another post. If you want to discuss any of the shows or recommend something for me to get into leave a comment on the post.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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