Just a quick post to share my friend Rahma’s new film project to you all. Rahma is a film school graduate, and she recently had her graduate film Endearingly Mad screened at the BFI. She is now onto her next  short film and wishes to shoot it before the end of August. Very ambitious, but achievable. So she called me in to direct the shoot for her pitch campaign for Holding Hands With Strangers, which I was more than happy to do. Rahma even came out of her comfort zone (behind the camera) and did a little acting herself. She did have a little tipple to give her dutch courage, which is ironic as she is from the Netherlands, LOL. Okay not that funny.

But anyways check out her plee to the masses to help her make this film at sponsume.com/project/holding-hands-strangers

…And below is the pitch I directed.

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