HELLO 2012!

Yes I’m aware 2012 started 49 days ago, but as ‘they’ say, it’s better late than never. And same goes to going AWOL from this blog. Since the last post all the way back in August I have been a busy bee (I know lame excuse right),  interning/working, writing an uncompleted screenplay, taking a 2 month leave to spend time in Ghana and of course watching loads of films, old and new.

But now I have returned to Developed Society and I intend to be doing more reviews as there are so many great films that will be screening in 2012, from A Dangerous Method to The Hobbit, and not forgetting The Dark Knight Rises. Coming to think about it, maybe my reviews stopped due to my annoyance over massacring the adaptation of David Nicholls One Day. I didn’t feel I could vent in words how much I was enraged by this. My fellow film buff Sandy from Sandysayssmile put’s it down to the screenplay by David Nicholls, but of course there is no doubt it is down to the casting. One word, Anne F****ing Hathway!  They should have left it alone, or at least for a few years. FYI… I have not actually watched it; but only because refuse to. Although people I know that have seen it are just as distraught as I am.

Developed Society will continue to focus mainly on Film and TV, with a tinge of Music, Style, Literature and Photography.

And speaking about photography, I finally managed to get my hands on a Canon 550D DSLR and have been trying my hand at Photography. At the moment I am only working with one lens, yes the one that came in the box, but I am taking donations towards my next lens. Seriously. I have set up a Flickr account as it is the best way to not have my images spread all over the net, but if you are interested in using any of the photo’s fill free to request the rights, for a small fee of course.

Once I have redeemed myself with plenty of posts I hope I am forgiven. Please???

Here are some snaps of what I have been doing in the interim.

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