SoundBites: Chromeo ‘Don’t Turn The Lights On’

This has been playing in my mind the past few days, on a constant loop. The beat is taking me back in time, Miami vice style. Video not really though.




Thought to bring you some throwback in this SoundBite. I sooo wish I was a teen in the 80s/ early 90s. Would have experienced real funky house parties, creative motion on the dance floor and free higher education! Instead I was busy being a toddler, fighting with my bro’s and cousins, and being dressed up matching in sailor outfits by our parents. Even at that itty bitty age I was still moved by the House beats, catching glimpses of the sound on the radio and on MTV. Even remember bobbing my head along to Crystal Water’s Gypsy Woman on family trips to Chessington World of Adventures and the local Sainsbury’s.

Enjoy these Hercules and Love affair videos I stumbled across.


Tupac’s Christmas Message

It’s amazing how this Tupac  interview echo’s a lot of the thoughts I have towards mankind and our ability to be selfish and/ or self absorbed. It would have been great to see this back in the day, because it exhibits the truth Tupac was aware of and also his ability to be a great story teller! And then maybe people would be aware that not all ‘Gangster Rappers’ just had bling and babes on their mind. Or maybe MTV were to cautious of airing a message that reached deep into people’s conscience.

“I mean you! You need to check yo’self and see how racist you are!”



Before we say adiós to 2010 and Bonjour 2011, it is only right to reminisce over the past year, as you do. So forget the Queens honours list because this here is the only list I know you are anticipating; but that not to discredit the honourable acts of the recipients MBE’s/CBE’s/OBE’s. If you disagree with the compilation of the D.S honours list feel free to suggest better recipients.

Best Film of the Year: Inception

This was not really a difficult choice as I can appreciate a good epic movie. Although there are no dragons and battles between swordsmen, I would say that Inception has re-imagined the epic movie by using a complex concept and using visual artistry to display the grand scale of the mind! Although the action of the film was encapsulating, the underlying emotional  story is one that made the film linger on in audiences minds and held the whole film together.

The performances from Leonardo Di Caprio (Cobb) was honest and believable, quite similar to the character he played in ShutterIsland. The supporting cast Ellen Page (Ariadne), Tom Hardy (Eames) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur) performances cannot be faulted either and added to the adventurous essence of the film.

Okay enough fanatical utterings about Inception, if you haven’t seen it you have truly missed out on one of the great movies of our era! If you have seen it once go see it again, I know I am… i’ll make it my new years day movie.

Best TV of the Year: Misfits

This for me only had two cats in the race, the other being Glee of course. But although I can rage on about Glee forever, the difference is that Glee is the creation of a big Hollywood studio. And although they are modelled on different concepts they both grip audiences equally. So I think writer Howard Overman deserves credit for forming these silly ASBO teens and planting them in dark situations using original superpower formulas, such as the ability to cause people to want to have sex with you. So much better than the chavtastic/hipster Skins!

The Fab/Murderous 5

Best Album of the Year: Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid

I am aware that this echoes the choice of Guardian’s 2010 album and other worldwide press, but I can assure this is not the case of jumping on the bandwagon; on second thoughts I would love to be on the Wonderland ArtsSociety’s bandwagon. What makes the ArchAndroid my album of the century let alone the year is that it breaks all boundaries. Monae clearly steers away from being boxed in a genre, and lets the album flow into sounds that her heart and creativity is exuding.

The first quarter of the album is highly soulful and powerful in the melodies and lyrics inspirational. Then in latter songs you get a bit of soulful rock in Come Alive and Cold War, which grew on me hugely after a few more rounds and now define the spirit of Monae. But what made me really find The ArchAndriod truly magical is thetheatrical/ musical melodies that fit into the mix of songs well. My mind instantly was thrown back to the Wizard of OZ with Oh Maker, Make The Bus and BaBobBye Ya. And even with songs with a deep melancholy sound such as 57821 and Say you’ll go the album remains uplifting and inspiring.

I have a huge admiration for Monae as an artist in the limelight, as she has not used her celeb status to further her album. She remains naturally beautiful in her tuxedo inspired attire and she lets her music showcase her, rather than her looks. So, as much as Beyonce is amazing at what she does, she needs to take a leaf out of Monae’s book and not use her sexuality to sell her music. It is difficult to choose a favourite song from The ArchAndroid, so i’ll just say that I have played Faster, Say you’ll go and Tightrope the most on my Itunes.

If you aint coped it yet, what ya waiting for???

Best Fiction of the Year: One Day by David Nicholls

I don’t know what made me stumble upon this book; okay in a shallow way it could have been the cover, but I’m glad I did. It was the first book I read on my iPhone and it was unexpectedly phenomenal. Most certainly going up there with my favourites!

One Day uses the developing relationship formula and sets it in the back drop of the 80s/90s over a period of 20 years. There are so many themes covered in this book including life after University, fame, ambition, Cocaine and Nicholls also makes many cultural references that signify the period. But the overall message is about love and in not one point of the story is it a soppy cheese fest.

The language does not exert itself into a complex renaissance lingo. The narrative remains within the mind of the two lead characters and is not ever that of the author himself. Which keeps us engulfed deep within the story and connects us emotionally to the characters.

Beautiful story, beautifully written.

Best TV Ad of the Year: Ikea ‘You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties’

Can’t wait to have crazy parties in my kitchen, i’m convinced… so off to Ikea I go lol!

And The Rest…

Favourite Blog of the Year: Desire to Inspire

Best TV Personality of the Year: Jamie Oliver

Best Soap of the Year: Eastenders

Best iPhone App of the Year: TuneIn Radio

I could go on forever but I would love if you guys suggest a few, and if I like I will include it in the post. Would also like to thank you guys for hitting up my blog this year, and remember to tell friends, frenemys and haters so it’ll flourish a lot more in 2011.
Happy New Year all!

With Peace and Joy,

Chezelli xoxo

Will and Jada Please Adopt Me!

I am almost certain that I have never laid my eyes on a family that project perfection. The empire built by Will Smith can be described as an indestructible force of showbiz. Is it possible for a family to all have amazing looks, extreme talent and I say extreme, especially as the youngest member is being thrust into the limelight at just age 9. Yes 9! They are all so driven and the kids are all so cute and well mannered.

That is it, I’m going to build my own indestructible family like the Smiths. Mine will sing, dance, act and maybe i’ll throw in a scientist and president while I’m at it. And one ingredient that will not go a miss is good looks.

Never mind how cool Will and Jada are, the kids are uber cool and ‘on the money’ as Simon Cowell would say. Sporting Mohawk’s, being the lead in their own films, having a hit song, even before you are a teen is exactly what every kid dreams for. And I love them even more because they are not the typical black all american family, corny! Jada Pinkett-Smith’s rocking roots have seen this family have an edge on their counterparts and I will even go so far to say they are cooler than the Cosby’s. Ok, I know they are a fictional family but they didn’t have any kids that could whip their hair.

I salute you the Smith’s and envy you a little.

Embedding not working for Willow’s Whip my hair video, so click here.

SoundBites: Oh What A Shame, Is It A New Bromance Ahead?

Through much anticipation by a chunk of Take That obsessives, the original five members of one of the UK’s largest boy bands, if not the largest have reunited. Gladly it is only for one album then Robbie is going to bugger off again. Yay, I prefer the foursome this time round. And to add more salt to the pan, the tension between the two feuding culprits Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams has now dissolved into a Bromance. Or so they would like us to think, by nationally declaring their re-acquaintance in the video for their duet Shame.

The term Bromance was made famous through The Hill’s Brody Jenner’s own reality TV show aptly named Bromance, in which he was on the hunt to find a new best friend… or stalker. And subsequently the media have exploited this term to emphasise the close bond between male companions that is of course purely plutonic.

However, in the Shame video I am confused as to whether Bromance was what they were trying to exhibit or to re-create Oscar winning movie Brokeback Mountain. Unluckily the seductive glances towards each other in a western style setting failed to shock audiences in to making the single a number 1 hit in the charts this week, and were instead vanquished by Gnarls Barkley’s new single Forget You.

Although I was not fazed by the awkward video, I was dazed by how Gary and Robbie had turned into a pair of middle aged hotties. No wonder they were taking back by each other’s change over the years. Never really having a crush on either this was a weird feeling that came over me. The greying hair, the unkempt facial hair, the maturity was enticing me to continue to watch this ridiculous Brokeback Mountain reproduction.

Well let’s just see how long their bromance will last for and for now here is Shame.

10 Reasons to Boycott X Factor

This is not an opportunity to jump onto the bandwagon that is diverging away from the car crash TV that is X Factor, but it is me honestly and faithfully turning my back for good… I promise! Having not being an uncompromising fan of the show I can always dip in and dip out, year on year, although not without any emotional attachments. These feelings that are boiling up within me are not excitement for the acts on the show, but instead for my complete loathing of the acts that are obviously just wannabes. I know you say ‘aren’t they all!’ Okay yes in essence they are. But having an appreciation for naturally gifted artists, that make music that is sweet to ones ear, I believe I am not asking for the impossible from these reality audition shows. Or am I? Is it not just light hearted fun and can everyday people not have opportunities like this to showcase their talent? Hmmm… I disagree! Success and achievement is hard work that may take months and most likely years. But 12 weeks to mould somebody to have that X-FACTOR is unrealistic and deludes the youths today in thinking that celebrity-dome and success can be easily attained.

So now my list is compiled after a concoction of last nights live show, previous series and past contestants.

1. Apart from Leona Lewis, who has actually been the international star that they promised?

2. Two words… Katie and Cher! Need I say more… They are both highly talentless wannabes that have analysed and imitated performers like Lady Gaga, Keri Hilson, Gwen Stefani and Pixie Lott.

3. Cheryl Cole/ Tweedy/ Whatever is a wannabe herself that feels that her looks and styling will further her career. Okay it has done so and her personal relations to stars like Will I Am and a premiership footballer have too bumped her up on the celeb ladder. But not to diverge away from the point I have to question her presence on the panel for a show that is supposed to find the worlds next top performers. Her experience and talent are not viable reasons as to why she is there. Well I have to leave this point now otherwise this will turn in to an uncontrollable rant.

4. Everybody is drunk on some special juice they are supplying at the X Factor studios. Why are the audience cheering on Cher and Katie like they are something special and even worse Simon…? Yes, Simon is hailing these two as the next Lady Gaga, calling them different and current! Argh… the frustration towards the words that spilled out his mouth when I was thinking the opposite can’t be explained. Dated, dreary and clone is the words that came to mind when I saw them.

5. And on that note… What has happened to Simon Cowell? Where is the scrutiniser that knows what genuine talent is? Well he has left the building and has returned with his pound sign shades on. I haven’t heard a bad word come out of his mouth this season. Well, this could be down to him protecting the integrity of his show after the Gamu debacle. The old Simon would have been able to spot phoneys like Cher Lloyd.

6. Sinitta! Why is she on the show? Is there a need for a show clown? Don’t many of those who auditioned tick that box already?

7. X Factor is well past its expiry date. Do the honourable thing like Big Brother and walk the plank and jump off into the abyss.

8. The use of paraphernalia and extravaganza is put in place to hide the fact that an act is talentless. Case 1: The camp dancers in neon spandex cycling shorts throughout Diva Fevers performance! Case 2: Katie’s rainbow coloured daft punk style helmet in this case did disguise the fact she is talentless.

9. X Factor is making us into a nation of couch potatoes that accept any program that is thrust into our faces. Isn’t Saturday’s for socialising? I thought we are country that live for the weekends. So lets get off our butts and socialise at a bars, parties, gala bingo… Not on twitter #hassing X Factor!

10. Jedward. Proof the the show is fixed.

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