Who’s That Girl?

Yes I had to do a double take too! But that’s the magic of airbrushing and a good stylist. It has the capability to make any scallywag look like a Vogue cover girl. Okay maybe not Vogue. And in this case it happens to be the nation’s favourite tabloid chick Katie Price. I wouldn’t normally waste any words on her (okay I know that’s a bit harsh), but I just feel to reiterate that no matter how extensively airbrushed and photo-shopped you are the cracks will always show through.

In the article for the London Paper… oops I mean the London Evening Standard, she was babbling on about not wanting her kids to be famous or something like that, and about how much Peter André still loves her. I don’t know if this is an attempt at re-imaging herself in every sense, but all I know is I’m not fooled and the public can see that fame is still screwing with you, along with ex-husband no.2. With a daughter named Princess Tiami you are kidding yourself love. It is likely she will be displayed across Heat magazine as frequently as her mother. And as for the Peter André comment, has she seen OK! magazine this week (It was my mums copy, I only read the Observer…).

But a girl has got to keep picking herself up, Right? Maybe, Katie you should do it without the photographs.


Tupac’s Christmas Message

It’s amazing how this Tupac  interview echo’s a lot of the thoughts I have towards mankind and our ability to be selfish and/ or self absorbed. It would have been great to see this back in the day, because it exhibits the truth Tupac was aware of and also his ability to be a great story teller! And then maybe people would be aware that not all ‘Gangster Rappers’ just had bling and babes on their mind. Or maybe MTV were to cautious of airing a message that reached deep into people’s conscience.

“I mean you! You need to check yo’self and see how racist you are!”



Here we have some of the new additions to the menu of designer food. First came the Burberry burger and Gucci fries, and now Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton and Agent Provocateur to name a few have baked us some delectable cupcakes.

I know they look very pretty, but I would not think twice about eating them. I have an extremely sweet tooth. Mmmm (Homer Drool)

Check out High Snobette for pics of the whole designer collection.

RESOLUTIONS: Experimenting in the… KITCHEN!

Five days into the new year I already have my New Years Resolutions penned, although not wholeheartedly practising them. Especially the not eating McDonald’s one, since I succumbed to a double cheeseburger last night out of sheer boredom. One resolution that didn’t come to mind until getting belittled by a colleague for eating a M&S microwavable pasta meal at lunch was that I should invest more time in conjuring up delectable dishes.

I have always loved food, as you do, and cooking; and I have often boasted of my Michelin star culinary skills. But still there was certainly a lack of  meals cooked in 2010 that didn’t include penne, pesto and sausages. Then, I offered my services to help cook christmas dinner and the outcome proved to have re-lit the flame that extinguished, whilst spending time in the kitchen and pouring love into my meals; the love being the melted butter poured over the potatoes before roasting.

This is not to provoke the notion that I am planning to become a Stepford housewife, but instead the image of me escalating towards being that Michelin star chef and being selfless by letting others enjoy the fruits of my labour. So what better way to start with than one of my favourite breakfast treats that Ikea first introduced to me, and that I devoured whilst retreating to Sweden. Cinnamon rolls. Hot or Cold, for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, you can’t go wrong with Cinnamon rolls. So I’m planning on attempting my own at some point this week, and I shall get back to you with the results, good or bad! In the meantime if you want to join in here’s a how to video!

Lastly, don’t forget to team it with porridge and a cold glass of Mango juice, of course!


Before we say adiós to 2010 and Bonjour 2011, it is only right to reminisce over the past year, as you do. So forget the Queens honours list because this here is the only list I know you are anticipating; but that not to discredit the honourable acts of the recipients MBE’s/CBE’s/OBE’s. If you disagree with the compilation of the D.S honours list feel free to suggest better recipients.

Best Film of the Year: Inception

This was not really a difficult choice as I can appreciate a good epic movie. Although there are no dragons and battles between swordsmen, I would say that Inception has re-imagined the epic movie by using a complex concept and using visual artistry to display the grand scale of the mind! Although the action of the film was encapsulating, the underlying emotional  story is one that made the film linger on in audiences minds and held the whole film together.

The performances from Leonardo Di Caprio (Cobb) was honest and believable, quite similar to the character he played in ShutterIsland. The supporting cast Ellen Page (Ariadne), Tom Hardy (Eames) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur) performances cannot be faulted either and added to the adventurous essence of the film.

Okay enough fanatical utterings about Inception, if you haven’t seen it you have truly missed out on one of the great movies of our era! If you have seen it once go see it again, I know I am… i’ll make it my new years day movie.

Best TV of the Year: Misfits

This for me only had two cats in the race, the other being Glee of course. But although I can rage on about Glee forever, the difference is that Glee is the creation of a big Hollywood studio. And although they are modelled on different concepts they both grip audiences equally. So I think writer Howard Overman deserves credit for forming these silly ASBO teens and planting them in dark situations using original superpower formulas, such as the ability to cause people to want to have sex with you. So much better than the chavtastic/hipster Skins!

The Fab/Murderous 5

Best Album of the Year: Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid

I am aware that this echoes the choice of Guardian’s 2010 album and other worldwide press, but I can assure this is not the case of jumping on the bandwagon; on second thoughts I would love to be on the Wonderland ArtsSociety’s bandwagon. What makes the ArchAndroid my album of the century let alone the year is that it breaks all boundaries. Monae clearly steers away from being boxed in a genre, and lets the album flow into sounds that her heart and creativity is exuding.

The first quarter of the album is highly soulful and powerful in the melodies and lyrics inspirational. Then in latter songs you get a bit of soulful rock in Come Alive and Cold War, which grew on me hugely after a few more rounds and now define the spirit of Monae. But what made me really find The ArchAndriod truly magical is thetheatrical/ musical melodies that fit into the mix of songs well. My mind instantly was thrown back to the Wizard of OZ with Oh Maker, Make The Bus and BaBobBye Ya. And even with songs with a deep melancholy sound such as 57821 and Say you’ll go the album remains uplifting and inspiring.

I have a huge admiration for Monae as an artist in the limelight, as she has not used her celeb status to further her album. She remains naturally beautiful in her tuxedo inspired attire and she lets her music showcase her, rather than her looks. So, as much as Beyonce is amazing at what she does, she needs to take a leaf out of Monae’s book and not use her sexuality to sell her music. It is difficult to choose a favourite song from The ArchAndroid, so i’ll just say that I have played Faster, Say you’ll go and Tightrope the most on my Itunes.

If you aint coped it yet, what ya waiting for???

Best Fiction of the Year: One Day by David Nicholls

I don’t know what made me stumble upon this book; okay in a shallow way it could have been the cover, but I’m glad I did. It was the first book I read on my iPhone and it was unexpectedly phenomenal. Most certainly going up there with my favourites!

One Day uses the developing relationship formula and sets it in the back drop of the 80s/90s over a period of 20 years. There are so many themes covered in this book including life after University, fame, ambition, Cocaine and Nicholls also makes many cultural references that signify the period. But the overall message is about love and in not one point of the story is it a soppy cheese fest.

The language does not exert itself into a complex renaissance lingo. The narrative remains within the mind of the two lead characters and is not ever that of the author himself. Which keeps us engulfed deep within the story and connects us emotionally to the characters.

Beautiful story, beautifully written.

Best TV Ad of the Year: Ikea ‘You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties’

Can’t wait to have crazy parties in my kitchen, i’m convinced… so off to Ikea I go lol!

And The Rest…

Favourite Blog of the Year: Desire to Inspire

Best TV Personality of the Year: Jamie Oliver

Best Soap of the Year: Eastenders

Best iPhone App of the Year: TuneIn Radio

I could go on forever but I would love if you guys suggest a few, and if I like I will include it in the post. Would also like to thank you guys for hitting up my blog this year, and remember to tell friends, frenemys and haters so it’ll flourish a lot more in 2011.
Happy New Year all!

With Peace and Joy,

Chezelli xoxo

Midnight Madness with Mr Oliver

The concealed excitement towards meeting this famous TV chef and having a lovely chat with him about the forth coming production of his wedding to be was far too surreal. In fact it was not only surreal, it was unreal. As I was awakened by my mother moments later only to realise it was another one of my intensely vivid dreams about the most random scenarios that is so far from my daily reality.

This particular one was the casual meeting between TV Chef Jamie Oliver and I. From the pieces of the dream I compiled together seconds after mum’s wake up call I do know we were having a chat about his recent engagement. Although, I don’t remember if it was to a new lady or his current wife Jools. But anyway, not to bore you with all the details as I usually do when telling friends about dreams I had that they really are not compelled or enthrawled by as much as me. I can’t place the location of the dream but I do know it was possibly in front of a stove. What I can say is his marriage was going to be aired on TV, but in some weird cooking scenario countdown thing.

So why was I excited in my dream? Well because unbeknown to many I have a slight crush on Jamie Oliver, and also in this dream he promised I could work on the production of his forthcoming union.  Which was double wammy!

After reflecting on my dream it is clear how this dream was formed in my mind in the midst of the night. So before I went to bed the last thing I watched was a Sainsbury’s advert featuring Jamie Oliver in a village talking about preparing for Christmas dinner or something along those line. And the wedding/engagement aspect as you have probably concluded was from all the commotion/ jubilation surrounding the engagent of his majesty Prince Wills and his chick Kate Middleton!

So there you go a fusion of random occurances made enthralling mind entertainment for me in the midst of my sleep. And people say advertising doesn’t work.

Okay, that’s enough of boring you with the details of my dream.

Will and Jada Please Adopt Me!

I am almost certain that I have never laid my eyes on a family that project perfection. The empire built by Will Smith can be described as an indestructible force of showbiz. Is it possible for a family to all have amazing looks, extreme talent and I say extreme, especially as the youngest member is being thrust into the limelight at just age 9. Yes 9! They are all so driven and the kids are all so cute and well mannered.

That is it, I’m going to build my own indestructible family like the Smiths. Mine will sing, dance, act and maybe i’ll throw in a scientist and president while I’m at it. And one ingredient that will not go a miss is good looks.

Never mind how cool Will and Jada are, the kids are uber cool and ‘on the money’ as Simon Cowell would say. Sporting Mohawk’s, being the lead in their own films, having a hit song, even before you are a teen is exactly what every kid dreams for. And I love them even more because they are not the typical black all american family, corny! Jada Pinkett-Smith’s rocking roots have seen this family have an edge on their counterparts and I will even go so far to say they are cooler than the Cosby’s. Ok, I know they are a fictional family but they didn’t have any kids that could whip their hair.

I salute you the Smith’s and envy you a little.

Embedding not working for Willow’s Whip my hair video, so click here.

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