SOUNDBITES // New music – Solange Knowles – Losing You

In the past year or so Solange Knowles has started to make a name for her and is slowly ridding the association of being Beyonce’s sister. But this has predominately been through her style; from her african inspired mixed prints to her traditional box braids and afro hair styles, and has lead many a girl following her every style move. She has managed to construct her image to reflect her understated beauty. She doesn’t slaver on the make-up, or go for the overly risque looks, but keeps it simple and often african inspired. So was all of this a lead up to rebranding herself for when she decides to release new music. Many people may have forgotten or not be aware that she is too a musician. Her sound has never replicated that of big sis Beyonce’s, but with Losing You I feel that she is keen to assert that her and Beyonce are different people, especially musically. It’s always hard to step out of your world famous sibling’s shadow, but going by mydamgblog (Solange’s Blog) and Beyonce’s Tumblr they are clearly best of friends. So her image restructure is not coming from a resentful place, but to instead reaffirm to people that she is Solange, not Beyonce. But that’s just my opinion, who knows what goes on behind their golden gates.

Losing You is infused with synthesized beats and smooth chilled out vocals from Solange. It’s shot in Cape Town by Director Melina Matsoukas, and is not short of quirky choreography and mixed prints that the tumblr-sphere will go crazy for. For some reason she reminds me of a cross between M.I.A and Corinne Bailey Rae. It’s the awkward dancing and the soulful vocals. Losing You is a chilled out tune that I will be putting on repeat. And even though it is about breaking up with someone, there are a lot of positive vibes coming from the video, notably her beaming smile. I suppose they are just juxtaposing the lyrics from the videos, but it could also be that it’s not such a terrible thing to realise that a relationship is not working.

Enjoy the video.

C 🙂

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