CANNES 2012 // The Chair

The Chair is a beautifully captured story about a small community under attack by a fatal mould infestation. A young boy’s mother is consumed by it. Her house is emptied and her possessions are taken to the local dump. His mother’s chair remains there, even though rubbish collectors take away all of the other rubbish. The young boy explores the significance of this and his mother’s death in a poetic contemplative way, which contrasts the subtle panic of the town.

Director Grainger David has had The Chair compared to Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life aesthetically, but I feel that The Chair would be more successful in holding the audiences focus. David is an NYU graduate with The Chair being his final year thesis film. Already been awarded the Short Film Jury Award at this years SXSW festival I suspect great things are to come at Cannes for The Chair and David.

The Chair has been selected in the Short Film Competition at Cannes Film Festival, with the winner taking away the prestigious Palme D’Or.

Here’s the trailer for your pleasure.


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