WATCHED & RATED: The Lucky One

I don’t know about other film enthusiasts but I like to watch a range of films including outright cheesy chick flicks that ‘real’ film lovers tend to snub. Even though many chick flicks are ridiculous my film choices are based on my mood, and when I decided to see The Lucky One I was in the mood to be fed romantic lies and perve on Zac Efron. The Lucky One is another Nicholas Sparks adaptation (writer of The Notebook and A Walk to Remember). So those of you that have seen either will know that although very cliché and squirmy, they can be quite moving and be any ‘serious’ film enthusiasts guilty pleasure.

The Lucky One is a story about Logan (Efron), a Marine that returns from Iraq by the skin of his teeth back to the states. After an attack he stumbles upon a picture of a woman, which he admires for a second and then his unit is attacked at that moment. He continues to survive many attacks after this, which leads him to believe that this picture is his lucky charm, so when he heads back to the states he searches for the woman to thank her. Cheesy right? Well he does find her, ends up working for her and withholds the truth about why he came to see her in the first place. Taylor Shilling plays Beth, the woman in the picture. She is a fun-loving mother, granddaughter and divorcee. The romance between the two is inevitable from the moment he found the picture, because it was obvious that there wouldn’t be any shocking twist. All the sneaky looks, reluctant flirting, and Logan bonding with her kid, was a recipe for a romantic bore fest. The pathetic part of me could not help but crack a helpless smile at all sweet shiny parts of the growth of love and overcoming obstacles like a pointless ex-husband. The other part was screaming out “Why are you watching this hollywood manufactured myth?” But to be honest you just got to get it out of your system. It was like an itch that needed scratching. Unfortunately it was for longer than necessary and it has left me wounded.

I feel bad saying this, but Zac Efron’s melting eyes could not even make this into a provoking film. His two-dimensional acting did not up the credibility of this romantic story, like how Ryan Gosling’s stoicism did in the Notebook or Mandy Moore’s super good girl act did in A Walk to Remember. Efron getting into character consisted of his straightened stance like a marine type, and the broody look on his face when things get serious. And that was where it began and ended. A bit disappointed as I feel he could do better. I really liked him in 17 Again and Me and Orson Welles.

The Lucky One is a sweet film, sugar-coated with fast romance and lies that a handsome marine with no friends or a life post war will come knocking on your door and immerse himself in your life . It’s one of those films that you keep say to yourself ‘Really?’ or sarcastically  ‘Sure’, well only if you’ve not been totally hypnotised by Zac Efron’s smouldering eyes. Or maybe I’m just being cynical.

DS RATED: 5.5/10

The Lucky One 
Release Year: 2012
Countries: US, Rest of the World
Cert: 12A
Runtime: 101 mins
Director: Scott Hicks

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