Amar is a docu-short film about an Indian boy called Amar. At aged 14 he is striving a lot harder than most 14 year olds I’ve come across on the cold streets of London. Working two jobs, as well as being at the top of his class, it shows that anything is possible. Filmmaker Ivan Kander encompasses within this short the beauty of how lack can lead to growth in more significant aspects of life, like understanding the importance of putting family first, even before your own needs. Living in a developed westernised city like London, we are all striving in our own way. But sometimes it’s easy to forget those close to you in the midst of our own financial/personal/spiritual/etc augmentation. I don’t know if Kander was intent on provoking the audience of his film to feel small or even slower than Amar, but it did in me somehow. Although I have worked two jobs at once (actually it was three) whilst at University, it was essentially to feed my own consumer desires and not to feed the mouths of my parents and siblings.

Amar is beautifully shot and Kander manages to make the subjects of this film not show their awareness of the camera pointing in their face. Kander skilfully demonstrates that there is beauty in everyone’s story no matter the place or roots you sprouted from.



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Screenwriter and Director in the making. Inspired by music, style, literature and people. Learning to love life more everyday.

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