ON MY TELLY: Homeland

So this week i’ve had the rare opportunity to catch up on TV shows i’ve been missing out on, and on top of the ‘To Watch’ list was Homeland. Not being hugely into investigative dramas I was a bit skeptical about investing time to watch it. Also I thought the war hero theme had been done a trillion times. So my decision to watch homeland was purely on the fact that it was winning awards, which is not always the best thing to go by, and that I actually like both lead actors, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.

Not to give away the whole plot to those missing out, but Sergeant Brody (Lewis) returns from Iraq, after eight years of being pronounced missing, to his wife and children. He is declared a war hero and has no qualms about living up to his public persona. CIA officer Carrie Mathison (Danes) has her eye on him and is led to believe that whilst captured in Iraq he has been converted into a terrorist and is planning an attack on the US.

There are many plot twists and turns, the first one being that Carrie is bipolar and this has been kept from the CIA as she will be dismissed instantly if known. Being devoted to her job, for Carrie dismissal is not an option. Carrie, sleeps, drinks and makes love to her job in every sense. Throughout the first few episodes Carrie and Sergeant Brody do not come into any physical contact and when they do, around episode five, let’s just say the drama is notched up a level. The tension from Carries’ part is addressed in a way that some viewers may have seen coming.

Homeland is very much character lead, which I feel sustains a long running series as we are invested in what will happen next to them. But it is evident that Danes, Lewis, Mandy Patinkin (who plays Saul, Carrie’s reluctant partner) and occasionally David Harewood (Carrie’s Boss) are the actors carrying the series along on their shoulders. It seems as if the other character’s remuneration is limiting their acting capability. Morena Baccarin plays Sergeant Brody’s wife Jessica and her character comes with her own sub-story. But I think she’s not invested in this story herself, causing her to maintain a smirky ‘i’m innocent’ expression on her face, no matter whether she’s angry, sad, happy, cheeky, it’s all the same. Which I think is a shame as the story she is given could have allowed her to be a great supporting actress.

I am now on episode seven and the conclusion of that episode was a shocker, and could lead foolish ones to believe that the main storyline has been resolved. But there is still five more episodes of season one to go (yes there is a season two), so I predict that episode eight will deliver another shocking twist at the end.

Get watching Homeland if you enjoy, high tension, reasonable amount of violence, subtle plot lines, Damian Lewis and occasional random sex.

Check out the trailer below.


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5 Responses to ON MY TELLY: Homeland

  1. sandralikes says:

    I agree with you on Brody’s wife. I think she’s been miscast. I loved the show but I didn’t enjoy the last episode. It was about an hour too long as far as I’m concerned.

    • Cheryl says:

      Not sure if the ending was disappointing considering they needed to set up the plot for season 2. I was on edge watching it, especially after the sniper attacked. Really don’t like the daughter, she seems a bit too noisy lol.

  2. I’ve been meaning to check this show out myself. I found your comments interesting, so I’ll have to program my DVR to catch the next episode. Good of you to follow me @CinemaProfound, I’ll return the nod and look for you on the timeline.

  3. Domzy says:

    Homeland was one of my favourite shows of last year. I absolutely loved it and thought the acting was superb. I think it’s good at making you think you’ve figured out what’s coming before surprising you totally. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to more reviews from you.

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