ON MY TELLY: Beaver Falls

Channel 4 have broadcast a considerable amount of ground-breaking dramas. Some hilarious (Misfits), some gripping (Smallville) and some unrealistically dramatic (Skins). So as my time spent watching telly has fallen, I felt it was time to get up to speed and find a new show to focus on. So I gave Beaver Falls a trial run, and to write it off as flop is not a wholly fair judgement of it.

Beaver Falls allows you to believe this is a fluffy easy to digest comedy drama, and that is not far from the truth. Beaver Falls main protagonists are three Oxford Brookes graduates Flynn, A-Rab and Barry. They decide to head to Californian summer camp Beavers Falls for an experience of a lifetime, involving typical fun and frolics young men get up to.  As this is supposed to be a ‘comedy drama’ you would expect some laughs and some intriguing situations. But no! Beaver Falls fails to deliver strongly in these two genres. The clichés and stereotypes are perfectly conformed to. They have thrown in the group of uninteresting fat kids that get bullied, the stupid jocks, the group of guys that are a supposed to be different shades of cool.  The writers Iain Holland and Jack Lothian were probably aware that viewers will not eat up this much BS, so thats when they propably decided to throw in a far fetched bomb into the mix. ***Spoiler alert*** Sexy lead protagonist Flynn has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Cannot remember the illness, but it is what Stephen Hawkins has, only worse. This would make sense maybe in any other drama but the whole show is so blasé that it doesn’t appear as dramtic as they probably hoped for.

Beaver Falls’ cross continental cast initially appears intriguing, especially to see if the humour will be heavier on the Yanks or the Brits side. Instead the cast is full of drama school graduates/drop-outs that haven’t grasped the concept of subtly humour, outrageously crude humour or any kind of humour at all.

Despite not being wowed by Beaver Falls I continued onto episode two. It was marginally better than the pilot episode, as it appears that the actors have started to perform ever so slighty. But unfortunately it was far from gripping. They are just lucky that I am stuck at home sick , bored and that I hate not knowing what happens next.

Want to know what i’m yapping on about? You can catch it tonight on E4 at 9pm.


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3 Responses to ON MY TELLY: Beaver Falls

  1. Cheryl says:

    Yet another luke warm episode. It could be potentially really good and I’m sure there are loads of interesting going ons in camps.

    Hmmm, shall I watch episode 4? They make it seem so juicy in the preview.

  2. Sandy says:

    Loads of mistakes in my comment above but hey (shrugs)

  3. Sandy says:

    Having been to camp a camp pretty similar to beaver fall I was expecting big things

    To be honest the show is quite boring. I feel like nothing that dramatic really happens the main character is smary and throwing in a terminal illness does little to make me sympathise with him. Not sure wether or not it was his acting or the dialogue but I actually thought he was joking in the scene when he revealed his illness (very cliched)

    I feel like it doesn’t know what its supposed to be a british take on americans or american take on the british. Plus trying to bring Brits into the whole Jocks Vs Geeks thing just leaves me confused. Plus you’re right it’s not funny.

    I’ve really tried to like this show but I don’t make it’ll improve. The curly head guy remind me of the dude who play Ron Weasly in the Harry Potter films.

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