Sleeping Beauty is not a innocent remake of the Disney classic, instead it is a dark erotic tale and quite frankly disturbing. Now I know you’ve heard of cases where girls going into striping/ prostitution to fund their university education, well Lucy played by Emily Browning applies for a role as a Sleeping Beauty. Being a Sleeping Beauty involves voluntary sedation and then permitting men to have sex with you whilst remaining unconscious. This is working for Lucy until her curiosity gets the better of her. She then takes a dangerous turn when she tries to film what happens whilst she is a Sleeping Beauty.

The story I feel will play on the psychological issues the character endures, geering it towards audiences of films like  Black Swan. I don’t know how global it will become as it explores sex quite explicitly and is the primary focus of the film. But this will all depend on the graphic nature of the scenes and how disconcerting they will be, especially if it brings ideas of sexual abuse to mind.

This directorial début by Julia Leigh seems quite intriguing; and I am especially curious about how it will do in cinemas worldwide.

Sleeping Beauty
Production year: 2010
Countries: Australia
Cert: TBA
Runtime: 104 mins
Director: Julia Leigh

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