Who’s That Girl?

Yes I had to do a double take too! But that’s the magic of airbrushing and a good stylist. It has the capability to make any scallywag look like a Vogue cover girl. Okay maybe not Vogue. And in this case it happens to be the nation’s favourite tabloid chick Katie Price. I wouldn’t normally waste any words on her (okay I know that’s a bit harsh), but I just feel to reiterate that no matter how extensively airbrushed and photo-shopped you are the cracks will always show through.

In the article for the London Paper… oops I mean the London Evening Standard, she was babbling on about not wanting her kids to be famous or something like that, and about how much Peter André still loves her. I don’t know if this is an attempt at re-imaging herself in every sense, but all I know is I’m not fooled and the public can see that fame is still screwing with you, along with ex-husband no.2. With a daughter named Princess Tiami you are kidding yourself love. It is likely she will be displayed across Heat magazine as frequently as her mother. And as for the Peter André comment, has she seen OK! magazine this week (It was my mums copy, I only read the Observer…).

But a girl has got to keep picking herself up, Right? Maybe, Katie you should do it without the photographs.


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  1. Cliff says:

    Book marked, I enjoy your site! 🙂

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