BFI Future Film Festival 2011

Unfortunately this is only a round-up of the Saturday 12th event, although it was on today as well. This I think is the first ever film festival I have attended and the first of many to come. According to @Sandra_Townsend the variety of activities has been scaled down considerably compared to last years ram packed schedule. And this is due to the cut backs by that  incompetent machine they call the coalition government. But not all was at a loss, as the quality of the three workshops I attended was truly compelling and educating. The advice from industry professionals like Video and Film Director Jamie Thraves (Radiohead’s Just) and @steptoinspiretv‘s Liana was hardcore and to the point. It was just what the youngsters had to hear;  not the sugar coated lies they teach in school and universities. The resounding mesages in the workshops were that, yes it takes a lot of hard work to reach the top or even just get your foot in the door, but once you are there the biggest struggle is staying up there and remaining relevant. Jamie Thraves Q + A taught us that you may have a hugely successful backlog of work, even a shelf full of awards, but something you put your heart and soul into may not be received well. And that will bring you right back down with all the other directors chasing feature film productions.

The festival aimed at aged 16-25’s was packed with many young hopefuls and a few dinosaurs claiming they’re there to support their kids (and no that was not me). Over hearing some of the under 20’s bragging about their Shorts and claiming to own production companies only made me realise that students are not equipped with the right tools to make it in Film or TV industry. Instead many have shameless cocky attitudes. Yes there are a lot of cocks in the industry (in every sense of the word), but likeability will ultimately take you a lot further, especially if you got a great creative spirit to match that.

Apart from holding workshops the festival had screenings of Short films and Terrance Malick’s feature Badlands. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you about any of them as I didn’t get the chance to view any of them. I know, what a pleb! I go to a film festival and don’t watch any films. Okay that’s a lie, I watched a snippet of The Social Network in a Screenwriting workshop. If that counts?

So the verdict is… not bad at all. Excellent for networking and getting informed opinions, not the ones you get from film lecturers with no film credits.


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